Penn GSE

Teacher Education Program

Penn GSE and the University sponsor a number of student organizations reflecting many different interests, goals, and professional objectives. Click here for more information and a list of GSE and Penn student groups.

Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) is the official student government body for graduate and professional students at Penn, representing over 10,000 students across twelve graduate schools.

Graduate Student Center

The Graduate Student Center aims to ensure that graduate students at Penn find a stimulating intellectual and social community of students and scholars from across Penn’s twelve schools. They also help you understand the sometimes complex world of Penn. The Graduate Student Center, at 3615 Locust Walk, is the centrally-located home for graduate and professional students at Penn. Students are invited to relax, work, and enjoy the Center and its resources.

Penn Science Across Ages

As they struggle to meet the mandates of No Child Left Behind testing, many urban elementary schools have called back instruction in science and math.  At the same time, there is a national call for a better educated, more diverse, STEM workforce. This compounds existing problems with nurturing urban students into STEM learning which include 1) most students decide by middle school that “I am not a science person” and 2) urban high school youth report that “this subject is not connected to my life.”

To address these issues, a group of Penn undergraduate science majors founded the Penn Science Across Ages (PSSA), led by GSE Instructor NancyLee Bergey. PSSA has been working for several years with teachers and students at a local, under-resourced elementary school. A small group of Penn students assists in each elementary classroom, preparing materials for hands-on science lessons, offering content expertise to teachers, and leading science learning activities for the elementary students. PSSA endeavors to connect science teaching to urban environmental problems, drawing connections between this work and the lives of urban youth.