Penn GSE

Teacher Education Program

The Penn GSE Teacher Education Program prepares ethical, reflective, collaborative, and visionary educational leaders.

Penn GSE's Teacher Education program is designed  to prepare the next generation of education leaders and advocates. Our prospective teachers leave our program prepared to use the power of teaching to deepen student learning, transform schools, increase educational equity and move into leadership roles.

Our Mission

Commitment to Urban Education and Social Justice

A commitment to social justice and urban education is at the core of our pedagogy, and all of our students are guaranteed a full-year student teaching placement in a public or charter school in Philadelphia.

Commitment to Preparing Future Leaders in Education

With an eye toward preparing the next generation of educational leaders, our program prepares students to navigate the complexities of schools and understand the sytems and communities in which they are located.

Commitment to Teaching Diverse Learners

All students participate in a ten-month course on teaching diverse learners that focuses on working with students with disabilities and English language learners. This course prepares our teachers to support all students to achieve academic success.

Commitment to Taking an Inquiry Stance

Inquiry is at the core of a teacher’s work. In the urban teacher education program, students learn to view their classrooms as sites of ongoing learning by developing questions that lead to reflective practice and professional growth.

Commitment to Working Within a Community of Practice

Students move through our ten-month program in a cohort, and we cluster our student teachers in groups in just a handful of Philadelphia schools. This commitment to communities of practice resides in our understanding that it is individuals working together who enable change in schools.